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Low Budget Retirement States
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Our mission here is to go beyond the typical list of “Top 10” places to retire. When we review a state, we give you information you will not find anywhere else. We stay current by constantly updating our information, including … Read More

Retire In Alabama
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I am not as familiar with Alabama from first-hand experience, but I do visit there. I know that southern hospitality is alive and well. It was a surprise to me when I entered a Panera Bread in Dothan, Alabama and … Read More

Retire in Nevada
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After Pennsylvania, Nevada is my second home. My sons live there and my parents live there, and I am a frequent visitor. I love Nevada. The Las Vegas area is where I spend time there. I have heard great things … Read More

Finding The Right Place To Retire
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We know that finding a place to retire is more than finding affordable housing, beautiful scenery, or nice restaurants. It’s about an inner feeling that tells you this is where I want to be. That makes it impossible to call … Read More

Retire in Pennsylvania
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I have lived the past 10 years of my life in the greater Philadelphia area. Most of the information about eastern Pennsylvania comes from first-hand experience. My home is just a few miles from New Hope, Pennsylvania and I have … Read More